Which NFL teams are getting new uniforms this year?

With the NFL season set to kick off in less than three weeks, the NFL is on the verge of making significant changes to its uniforms for the 2019 season.

The league is looking to revamp the uniform from the 2019 seasons’ first season to its second, as well as the number of players in the uniform and some of the colors.

Here are the five biggest changes that the league is making to the uniforms for 2019: 1.

Red-and-black uniforms for all players: The league will be adding red-and black uniforms to the jerseys for all of the NFL teams in 2019.

The teams will be wearing red-blue jerseys with a blue stripe across the chest and shoulder and a black stripe across both shoulders.

There will be a “Blue” stripe on the left sleeve and “Black” on the right sleeve.

There is also a blue-and white stripe across top and bottom of the jersey.

The new uniforms will also feature an “A” across the front of the helmet, the logo and a red “C” in the middle of the field.


Red helmets for all quarterbacks: The NFL is also adding a new helmet design to the 2017 season’s helmet designs for the starting quarterback.

This new design will feature a red, red-white-and blue helmet design, with the team logo and an “M” across both sides.

There are also new “A’s” on both sides of the chest.

The helmet is a combination of a helmet and the helmet strip, with a separate helmet stripe on each side of the strip.

There also will be new “H” stripes on the sides of both shoulders, and a white stripe on either side of each forearm.

The “H1” on each arm is black.

The helmets will feature the same design as the 2017 helmet designs.


New jerseys for the top six quarterbacks: While the “A-list” quarterbacks have the opportunity to wear the “blue” helmet design for the first time this season, the “B-list,” including quarterbacks from the NFC East and NFC West, will be able to wear a new “C-list design” for the upcoming season.

Both quarterbacks will wear a red helmet with a “C,” and a new strip on either shoulder and “B” across each arm, which is black with “H.”

The new design is a blend of a blue helmet with an “H,” a white helmet with “M,” and red and black stripes across each shoulder.

The uniforms will be worn in the regular season and the playoffs.


New helmets for running backs: The “C and A-list quarterbacks will be receiving new helmets for the coming season.

With the addition of new “B and C” helmets for each team, the 2018 running backs will receive their first new helmet designs in 2019, with “B,” “C”, and “D” helmets from each team.

This will be the first season for the running backs to receive helmets from their teams.


New uniforms for wide receivers: Wide receivers are also getting new jerseys in 2019 that will feature new “F” jerseys that are a mix of “C”- and “A”-listed players, along with the “C”.

These new jerseys will feature an A-line strip across the middle and a yellow “C.”

This jersey design will be designed by NFLPA President John Mara and the NFL Players Association’s chief marketing officer, Mark Shapiro.

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