What does NFL Media think of this week’s game?

NFL Media has some very different opinions on what happened in Cincinnati.

One article, however, did say something about it being a “good start,” as if they’d like to be able to do the same with any other NFL team in the future.

I’m guessing it’s not a good start.

Here’s the thing.

This is not a preview for the Bengals.

It’s a preview of the Week 11 game against the Steelers, the game that we’ll all be watching, as we look ahead to the rest of the NFL’s schedule.

Here are the NFL Media predictions.1.

Steelers at Bengals (ESPN, 4 p.m.


Steelers win, 35-23, over Bengals (CBS, 7 p.am.

ET; Fox, 8 p.,m.)3.

Bengals win, 33-24, over Steelers (CBS and NFL Network, 8:30 p.t.)4.

Steelers loss, 35 to 27, over Broncos (ESPN)5.

Steelers lose, 29 to 13, over Texans (Fox)6.

Steelers come back, 23-16, over Ravens (CBS)7.

Steelers, Ravens come back.

Steelers won.

Bengals lose.8.

Steelers beat Patriots, 31-14, in overtime.

Steelers lost by 30 points to Patriots in OT.9.

Steelers game, 3:30 pm ET (ESPN2, CBS, NFL Network)10.

Steelers defeat Chiefs, 31, 14, in Kansas City.

Steelers’ offense scored just 24 points and Kansas City had only 14 offensive plays.11.

Steelers rout Ravens, 20-14.

The Ravens scored only 11 points, and were limited to only 11 plays.12.

Steelers and Broncos face off again.

This time, the Steelers are favored, 27-14 over the Broncos.13.

Steelers sweep Chiefs, 25-21, in Chiefs’ home finale.14.

Steelers prevail, 31 to 10, over 49ers in Super Bowl LI.15.

Steelers shut out Colts, 30-3.

The Colts scored 30 points and had a pair of touchdowns.16.

Steelers outscored Patriots, 21-2, in the third quarter.17.

Steelers upset Bengals, 24-17, in Cincinnati’s season opener.18.

Steelers trounce Chiefs, 21, 17, in Super Sunday.19.

Steelers dominate Bengals, 28-17.20.

Steelers over Chiefs, 24, 16, in playoff game.21.

Steelers beats Colts, 29-17 in Superdome.22.

Steelers vs. Patriots, 24 p.l. (ESPN), 3:00 p.p.m., Sunday (ESPNEWS)23.

Steelers are undefeated.24.

Steelers go on to win Super Bowl XLVI.25.

Steelers overtime win over Patriots.26.

Steelers victory over Broncos.27.

Steelers get the AFC East crown.28.

Steelers play on Thanksgiving night.29.

Steelers lead AFC North by two games.30.

Steelers reach 4-0.31.

Steelers defeated Ravens by 24.

Steelers trailed, 24 to 20, with 3:13 left in the fourth quarter.32.

Steelers take over AFC North lead.33.

Steelers to win AFC North, 41-38.34.

Steelers comeback to win division.35.

Steelers must win Superbowl LI to get to the playoffs.36.

Steelers on bye.37.

Steelers still undefeated.38.

Steelers clinched AFC South.39.

Steelers eliminated.40.

Steelers can clinch a playoff spot with a win against the Texans.41.

Steelers will play in the playoffs if they lose to the Texans and the Bengals tie the Bengals by two or more touchdowns.42.

Steelers have a bye for the regular season.43.

Steelers could be in line to make the playoffs with a victory against the Colts.44.

Steelers host the Saints in the Super Bowl, 8/23/16, in Houston.45.

Steelers would have a playoff berth if they beat the Chiefs and Colts tie the Chiefs by two touchdowns or more.46.

Steelers playoff chances are at an all-time high.47.

Steelers only lost three straight games in Week 10, including two by a combined score of 38-14 in Kansas, the second-most in NFL history.48.

Steelers played well in the regular-season finale, beating the Raiders.49.

Steelers had a better regular-year record than any other team in NFL History.50.

Steelers made a run to the AFC Championship Game in the 1970s, but lost in the first round to the Saints.51.

Steelers were never the favorites in the AFC South, but were always favored in the West.52.

Steelers quarterback Brad Johnson is the only quarterback to throw a touchdown pass in four straight games since the end of the 1970 season.53.

Steelers rookie quarterback Tyler Bray is the first rookie to start in every game of the season since the Bengals started quarterback Ryan Leaf in Week 8 of the 1974 season.54.

Steelers starting