Top sports managers who will be worth $1bn in 2019

The top sport managers in the world are expected to add more than $1 billion to their businesses over the next decade, according to the latest research.

The research, conducted by the sports industry’s trade association, Sports Media Watch, shows that managers at the top end of the sportswear market are also likely to see their revenues soar.

Sports marketing executives and sports business owners will also see their revenue rise, the research found.

While the industry’s financial health is at the mercy of rising competition from online platforms, the data suggests that sportswomen and managers will be able to maintain a strong presence on those platforms, given that the sport’s audience is increasingly global.

“The next five years will be key for the sport and the sportwomens’ industry in general,” the research concluded.

“As the internet is the leading platform for global sports, it is likely to be the key driver of the next five-year cycle for sportswomens.”

A total of 2,923 of the world’s top 50 managers were interviewed by the research group.

Of those, 1,902 managers answered the questions on their business, which ranged from sports management to advertising and finance.

The biggest winners were the managers of the Premier League, with a total of 4,919 of them being valued at $1billion or more.

The sports marketing sector in Australia, which is estimated to have more than 500 million followers on social media, also saw its total value rise by 1,009%, to $1.2 billion.

It is also expected that sports marketing managers will make more money from their online businesses than their offline businesses, with revenue of $1,842m.

The second biggest driver of growth for the sports marketing industry is the number of managers, with total value up by 561%.

The number of sportswoms, which includes clubs, leagues and the governing bodies of international sporting bodies, was down by 467%, but there was a significant jump in managers’ revenues.

The third largest driver was the number and the total value of managers.

This was down 442%, or $826m.

And the fourth biggest driver was overall revenue, up by 473%.

The biggest losers were the teams, with revenues down by 546%, or nearly $1b.

And managers in sports marketing are still facing a steep challenge to remain competitive in the face of rising online competition.

The study said the average sports marketing manager made $7,716 in 2019, up $2,932 from the previous year.

The average sports management executive earned $58,000 in 2019.

Sports managers earned $13,000 more than they did in 2016, up more than 50%.

The average manager earned $42,000, up 40% from last year.

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