The ‘Star Wars’ game that is better than the original

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you know the game has a long and illustrious history.

But it wasn’t until the release of The Last Jedi that the franchise really took off.

The first game was the culmination of years of work by LucasArts, Disney, and LucasArteaga, the developer behind the franchise that began with the original Star Wars: A New Hope.

While the original trilogy is revered by fans, The Last Emperor is widely considered to be the worst.

The Last Imperial is an incredibly long game that includes many gameplay mechanics that were completely out of place in the franchise’s infancy.

The game’s plot, which involves a battle against a mysterious group of Sith who are planning to destroy the galaxy, is riddled with plot holes that leave the players guessing as to what the characters will do.

And the game’s gameplay mechanics are, at best, mediocre.

The problem is that the game isn’t even that bad.

It’s just… really, really bad.

There’s no shortage of good Star Wars games that are both technically and visually stunning, but The Last Empire’s presentation and pacing make it nearly impossible to recommend.

The graphics are good, but nothing to write home about, either.

The audio is very good, and the voice acting is solid, but the game is more concerned with spectacle than substance.

The gameplay is also surprisingly solid, with the focus being on the action.

There are no hard-fought battles here, only a series of mini-bosses that are easy to beat but difficult to kill.

The only real downside is that while the game allows you to customize your character’s armor and weapons, you cannot change the colors of your lightsaber or other weapons.

This makes combat difficult, and it can lead to players forgetting that they’re in a game about combat.

Even worse, the game lacks any sort of customization options, and players can only buy basic outfits and weapons like the one shown above.

The player can buy a variety of other items, like costumes and helmets, but they’re limited to the basics.

And if the player doesn’t buy the basic stuff, the basic items will degrade to nothing at all.

As a result, The Final Empire is a pretty average game.

But if you’re into the series, then you’ll be able to enjoy it, and hopefully not regret it.

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