When you’re a college football fan, you’re also a basketball fan

The game of college basketball is still in the early stages.

But as the NCAA begins to put in place its rules and regulations, a look at how college basketball fans are consuming the sport will be a valuable piece of data to track the growth of its viewership.

For the first time, the data will be released through an interactive platform that’s designed to show how fans are reacting to the game.

“It’s been a pretty wild ride for the sport,” said Matt Tavenner, president of The Associated Press Sport.

“The last three years have been crazy.

I’m not going to put the blame on any particular group.

There’s been more interest than ever in the sport, and we’re seeing that in the demographics of the demographic of the fans that are watching the game.”

The AP Sports Analytics team will compile the data through two separate metrics: the number of college hoops games played per game and the number that are on TV.

The first, “Live Events,” measures how many people are watching a game via live-streaming sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The second, “Total Events,” combines both those metrics.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth in Live Events, which is what we are seeing the most,” Tavenneder said.

The APSportsAnalytics.com team will track both the number and share the live-events data in two ways: by aggregating that data with other online platforms like Twitch and YouTube, and by using it to analyze the actual fans watching college basketball.

The goal is to better understand what the fans are actually watching and what they’re watching at, Tavenners said.

“That’s a big challenge.

I don’t know that there’s a single metric that captures all of the different ways that people are consuming sports.

The live-event data is a great first step.”

The data will also help to measure the growing popularity of the sport among younger audiences, which has been a big part of the growth, Tvenner said.

But the data isn’t the only way the AP Sports Analysts will track college basketball’s growth.

The team will also be tracking other trends that are emerging across the sports landscape, including the growth in online advertising, which helps keep the sport relevant to an audience.

The research team is also studying how college hoops is growing in popularity in other regions, such as North America and Europe.

“You’re seeing a lot more basketball fans than ever before in Europe and North America, so you’re seeing the growth,” Tvenners said, noting that college basketball could be in for a bumpy ride in these markets.

It’s not about one particular sport, it’s about a broader trend in sports.” “

And that’s what we’re trying to track.

It’s not about one particular sport, it’s about a broader trend in sports.”

To see how fans respond to the sport in different markets, the APSportsanalytics.org team is analyzing how many viewers watched the game in the U.S. and the countries it airs in, and how many watched the games in a given state or territory.

This information is being collected on a daily basis through a combination of Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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When you’re watching live events on ESPN, you see how many live events there are in the United States, the U!


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And that data we’re tracking that.

And we’ll also be watching what we call “uniques,” the number people that were watching a particular live event that day. “

So we’ll be watching live event data on ESPN every day for a couple of months.

And we’ll also be watching what we call “uniques,” the number people that were watching a particular live event that day.

And then, for each of those, we’ll have the average viewers that watched that live event and we’ll see how those numbers are going to change as the live game goes on.”

The live events are being collected through a number of methods, including using a combination the following methods: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Twitch.

“If you have a Twitter account, you can go to the feed and you can look at those live events,” Tverner said of Twitter’s live-game analysis tool.

“Because the feed is so popular, we can get a lot out of it.”

If you have YouTube accounts, you’ll be able to see a live-replay of a game by simply clicking the replay button on the bottom right