What’s up with the Fox Sports Midwest site?

Fox Sports has shuttered its midwest site, citing declining interest in the cable network.

The Midwest is a sports destination for Fox’s viewers in the Northeast, West and Midwest.

The network has not said why the site was shuttered, but Fox had a strong history of sports coverage.

In recent years, the Midwest was a hotbed for the NFL and the NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft had its first major broadcast in July 2016, and ESPN’s college football coverage was a key component of the network’s sports coverage, including the NFL Combine.

The network has also launched a digital initiative to give fans the ability to watch live games live.

The move comes amid a broader trend of cord-cutting in the sports industry.

ESPN has been the most recent company to abandon cable TV in the last two years, after launching a $40 million digital initiative in 2016.

The company also announced in March that it was buying The Daily Show, which is owned by Comedy Central.

The deal also included the acquisition of a stake in the The View.