NBC Sports jobs for MLB in 2019

The Washington Nationals announced today that they have hired Matt Wiltjer as a part-time sports reporter and associate producer for the NBC Sports Sports sports network.

Wiltjer will report to general manager Matt Williams and will oversee the sports programming across NBC Sports, NBC Sports Radio, NBCSports.com, and NBC Sports Live Extra.

The news comes just days after the Washington Nationals hired Wiltjers brother, former MLB executive director of global sports programming Scott Wilt, to oversee MLB in the future.

The Wiltjeres move to NBC Sports comes as the Nationals, and MLB in general, are in the midst of a new era as a broadcaster and producer of major league sports, and are looking to increase their reach.

WiltJrs brother, Scott Wltjers, was hired to become the new executive director for MLB as part of a restructuring of the organization.

Scott Wiltner is a well-respected sports analyst, having covered Major League Baseball since 2003.

He spent the last three years as MLB senior vice president of sports programming and programming strategy, overseeing the league’s broadcast and digital properties.

Scott has also spent the past four years as the executive director at NBC Sports.

Scott joined NBC Sports in 2007 and served as the studio studio reporter for the MLB Network.

Scott joined NBC as a studio studio producer in 2011.

He previously worked at ESPN and NBC as an analyst.

Weltner will report exclusively to Scott Williams.

Weltner is the third member of the Wiltwils family to join NBC Sports after Scott Welt and brother Scott Wilsner, who joined NBC in 2006, joined in 2010.

Scott Williams has a total of 18 years of combined baseball and broadcasting experience, having been the studio analyst for ESPN since 2011.

In addition to being a studio producer for ESPN, he was a studio analyst on NBC Sports for the 2011 MLB All-Star Game, and an analyst on the MLB.com site for the 2015 MLB season.

Wltjerns experience in baseball includes a decade as an executive producer and analyst at the network for the National League Championship Series.

Scott is the first full-time MLB executive to serve as a full-fledged studio producer since the creation of the MLB network in 2004.

Woltjer, a graduate of George Mason University, has spent the better part of the past decade as a sports analyst on ESPN and ESPN2.

Walt has a diverse portfolio of sports and entertainment reporting and production credits across ESPN, NBC, ESPN2, and ESPNU.

Woltjer has also worked as a sideline reporter for ESPN.

He was named a former ESPN analyst and writer of the ESPN3 series, which debuted in 2013.

Wltjer, who also has a long-standing relationship with MLB, has been the head baseball analyst for MLB.

Wrestle and Wilt are the first two full-season baseball writers for the network since Wilt and Scott were hired as part-timers in 2011, and the second full-year baseball writer for the Nationals.

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