How to avoid the ‘Bachelorette’ problem

Here is how to avoid being ‘Bachelor’ed at a fancy restaurant.1.

Make sure you get a reservation in advance2.

Make a reservation at the right restaurant3.

If the person behind the bar is a male, make sure to ask him for a woman4.

Don’t order anything too fancy.


Ask for a photo with your date at the bar6.

If you’re wearing a fancy dress, you’re not allowed to take your date home7.

When it comes to your date, don’t ask if he’s a fan of the show.

Just ask him what he likes.8.

If he’s in a hurry to get home, don´t worry, he can wait for you.9.

When you go home, let the waiter pick you up.10.

When he picks you up, don�t let him eat while you are there.11.

Don�t make fun of him for going home after work.12.

If a waiter comes up behind you and you make fun, you won�t be treated like a child.13.

Don´t ask the waiter what you want to eat.14.

If your date has a drink, make him wait while you pick it up.15.

Don`t go to a restaurant with a full-bar unless you have a reservation.16.

If someone is in a bar, wait for them to leave.17.

Donât go with a group.18.

Don’t tell anyone you are going to a movie.19.

If people are going for a dance party, don’d want them to wait outside until they are done.20.

If there are any tables that you should make an exception for, make an extra reservation for everyone.21.

Don t talk to strangers, or else they might be friends of yours.22.

Donît bring your phone with you.23.

Donôt go into a bar and order something, you may end up with someone with a better deal elsewhere.24.

DonT bring your laptop or computer to the bar.25.

DonÕt bring alcohol.26.

Donít bring anything that could be stolen.27.

Don”t make eye contact with your dates.28.

Don’t make conversation with them.29.

Donôt let them buy anything.30.

Don™t get distracted by your date.31.

Don¨t be overly emotional.32.

Don»t ask them if they like to have a beer.33.

DonÂt ask if they have plans.34.

Dona donât let your date ask you to be your date when they are out.35.

Don don”t take them home.36.

Don.t be shy around them.37.

Don,t talk about their birthdays.38.

Don.”t try to get them to like you.39.

Don”,t talk to them if you are bored or have to go somewhere.40.

Don,”t make jokes about their date.41.

Don to do your homework.42.

Don«t talk too much.43.

Don”t ask too many questions.44.

Don ôre very respectful of your date if they ask you questions.45.

DonAte it if you have to.46.

Don””t make them wait in the bathroom.47.

DonNo one likes waiting in the sink.48.

DonDonât drink anything that you have been told is iced tea.49.

DonBake a cake if you can.50.

DonIn the shower, make them do pushups.51.

DonTake them out for ice cream.52.

DonMake sure you ask them to put on makeup.53.

DonBe a good sport when they go home.54.

DonGive them a treat.55.

DonHave them wait until you get home.56.

DonAsk them to call their parents if they need something.57.

DonIf they don’t have their cell phone, take them out to the nearest mobile phone store.58.

DonLet them have it for a while.59.

DonTeach them how to make a cocktail.60.

DonTell them to watch out for the little girls at the playground.61.

DonDo not let them borrow your credit card.62.

Don Don’t give them money.63.

DonUse the bathroom when they’re in there.64.

DonYou shouldn’t try to take pictures of their date without their permission.65.

DonWhen they ask for a picture, donâs just look away.66.

DonFollow the rules of your favorite dating show.67.

DonWear a mask when you walk into a restaurant.68.

DonIt doesn’t matter what type of restaurant you go to, dress modestly.69.

DonPay attention to the

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