How a water sports store in the middle of nowhere saved a life

The water sports shop is tucked into a quiet residential street in the centre of South Auckland.

The front door is adorned with the words “water sports” and a sign that reads: “No Trespassing”.

“We have a very small space but we do have a lot of supplies and we sell everything,” says the owner, Mike Smith.

Smith says he sells water sports gear, such as diving goggles and wetsuits, to a number of different customers, including the local community.

“People come to us and say they need something to do with their water.

I know there’s a lot that goes into that,” he says.

But he says he’s also received messages from a number who say they’ve lost a loved one due to a water related illness.

A local man who did not want to be named, says he was on a boat with friends when a storm hit, and the rain and mud was so bad that he and his friends were unable to make it back to shore.

He says the water in the boat was so muddy that it caused him to lose his footing and fall into the water.

Mr Smith says he saw the man on the boat get swept away by the waves and he was able to get him to shore, where he was taken to the hospital.

In his 30 years in the water, Smith has witnessed the tragedy of the water sports market, where thousands of dollars worth of equipment, water sports equipment, wetsuit and other water sports products are sold every week.

After the man died, Smith says, he and other customers started to collect what they could from the property.

Water sports equipment is a major part of the market, and Smith said the store’s business has been growing.

This week, the store opened for the first time, and is now selling items from the sporting memorabilia section.

I’m sure the water sport store has done well, Smith said.

While he admits the water products and equipment they sell are expensive, he’s confident it has saved the life of the man.

Mike Smith and his wife, Michelle, have been selling water sports memorabilia since 2004.

We’ve always been passionate about water sports, he says, and we don’t want to stop selling the products.

When it comes to water sports in South Auckland, the local shop is not alone.

It is a small community in the city, nestled in a quiet suburb of Rangitoto, and has seen its share of floods and floods of late.

For the past few months, the Smiths have been on the lookout for ways to support the local water sports community, and have donated water sports supplies, which they sell at a reduced price.

As the season heats up, Smith is also taking on the challenge of organising the annual Water Sports Festival in the summer.

His wife Michelle is also a part of this, with her husband selling water sport memorabilia and other sports related products for the event.

She said the water sporting community was in a difficult time in the local area.

“The city council’s recently put a plan to get rid of the park and the beach.

It’s very difficult to get the people to get on board.

It would be nice to have that help,” she said.

“The water sports area in the park is a huge community of people who really appreciate water sports.”

We want to get that back.

I hope the water store has been a blessing to the water lovers of South Africa.

“As for the future, Smith plans to continue selling his water sports items and equipment, and hopes to open a water sport shop in the future.

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