Why you need to know the words to every sports story

The phrase “cannot win” was first uttered by George Bernard Shaw, and it still holds true today.

In fact, the famous British playwright wrote an entire play, The Lament of William Shakespeare, that dealt with the same concept.

In the original play, a character in the title role of “The Doctor” has just completed his journey from London to Edinburgh in a bid to win a Nobel Prize.

Unfortunately for the Doctor, it turns out he will have to spend the rest of his life in Edinburgh as a ghost.

The play’s final scene, in which the Doctor is trapped inside a house of the dead, will remain one of the greatest sporting moments in sport history.

The phrase, which has become synonymous with a great sporting moment, has stuck with sports fans for centuries.

It’s no wonder then, that one of America’s biggest sporting brands, McDonalds, has decided to use it in its ads to promote its new breakfast food.

In this video, the fast food giant plays the “cant win” scene in its commercials to promote the brand’s new breakfast cereal.

It features the phrase, “Can you win the lottery?” in the background, and shows the viewer a lottery drawing where the winner has won the money.

McDonalds has also released an ad featuring a different version of the phrase to promote their new cereal.

“You win the big prize when you win with a smile,” the ad says.

McDonald’s has also included the phrase in its marketing campaign to promote McDonalds New Bacon Breakfast Sandwich, a breakfast sandwich that has been created with the phrase as the theme.

But the real winner in the sports betting game, which is a biggie for fans of the sport, is probably not McDonalds but one of its biggest rivals, Amazon.

In a new ad, Amazon has taken the “can’t win” phrase and turned it into a promotional video, using the phrase on its website to promote two different products.

One ad features a young couple competing to win the $1 million prize in a sporting event.

The other shows a player competing in the Super Bowl, in a game that requires the player to score a touchdown in a set amount of time.

“Can You Win the Lottery?” is the slogan that Amazon is using to promote Prime Air, which was released in December and comes with a $99 Amazon Prime membership.

Amazon has released a “Can’t Win” ad campaign for its Kindle Paperwhite, and a similar commercial featuring the phrase is running in Australia.

“It’s the only ad I know that has a quote that isn’t in English,” said Stephen Ralston, the chief creative officer at Amazon.

“That’s how good of an ad it is.

It makes people think.

It also gets the message out to the world that we are a very progressive company.”

And it’s a good one, considering that Amazon’s advertising budget is almost half of that of McDonalds.

So, what does Amazon do with the ad?

Amazon uses the phrase “can you win” in a number of ways.

First, it shows a video clip of a person who wins the lottery.

This video is used to encourage people to go to the lottery in question.

This particular video was shot in Los Angeles in 2009.

In 2012, Amazon was able to sell about 100 million copies of its Kindle and other Kindle devices.

Amazon’s ad campaign also includes a number that is the same as the quote: “Can a man win the Superbowl?”

This is used in an advertisement that appears in the Amazon ad, but is a bit different.

It shows a man walking down a street wearing a Super Bowl hat, with a message that reads: “The Superbowl is here.

And the odds are against you.”

Amazon has also taken the phrase and made it the central part of an advertisement for its Fire TV streaming device.

“The ‘can’t’ part is part of the message we’re trying to convey, and we wanted to use the phrase,” Ralsten explained.

“In our ad, the ‘can’ part goes in the box and is on the side of the device.

That’s why you see a man wearing a hat on the screen.”

And the phrase also plays a role in an Amazon TV ad, which features a woman wearing a similar hat, as well as an Amazon Air TV ad.

“I love when a phrase gets embedded in the content,” Rolston said.

“For example, ‘The ‘Can’t win the Lotteries’ is part a larger theme of advertising we’re doing, and Amazon is really using it in our ads.”

Amazon also includes the phrase alongside the “Can I win” slogan.

Amazon is one of several sports companies to have used the phrase throughout the past few years.

It started in 2012 when a marketing firm, EMM Corporation, released a video of a woman, played

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