The bra industry’s biggest problem is men

The bra market is a big one and it’s going to get bigger with the addition of men’s brands.

While women still make up 70% of the market for sports bras in the US, the industry’s overall share of revenue is still a bit smaller than it used to be. 

In a report by The Associated Press, the American Athletic Supplies Association (AAA) said the average annual revenue of the major sports bra companies in the United States was $7.4 billion in 2014.

That’s up from $7 billion in 2013.

The AAA, which represents companies including Champion Sports and Champion Sports Medical, has been working hard to make sure the industry is getting the support it needs.

It wants to keep it that way by keeping the prices of these products low, while also supporting the growth of a growing number of female sports brands.

“There’s still a lot of room for growth for women in the sport,” said AAA CEO and president Steve Fain.

“There are more female athletes out there, there are more women who wear these sports bras and that’s really good news for us.”

The association’s goal is to keep its membership strong, and to be able to do so without a corporate sponsorship.

Fain said the AAA has been able to expand its membership by signing up more women athletes than it had in the past.

The report said the companies are also helping to expand the number of sports bra manufacturers and to keep them competitive. 

“We’re working on a number of initiatives that will be able, for example, to create new sports bra lines, expand existing ones and develop new lines that will compete with the new entrants,” said Fain, adding that they will be partnering with leading women’s apparel brands.

Development Is Supported By

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