Nike’s new shoe line will feature “Golf” logos in the midsole

Sports shoes have always been synonymous with the game of golf.

However, the Nike Golf shoe has made it a little more difficult for golfers to find a shoe that features the logo on the midfoot.

This year, Nike will introduce a shoe called the Nike GOLF, which is actually a golf-themed shoe.

The Nike GALAXY 3, released this year, was a great example of the Golf-themed product line.

The golf-inspired Nike G-3, which retails for $225, is a shoe with the same silhouette as the Nike golf shoe.

This year’s shoe, however, has a different silhouette and the golf-esque logo has been removed.

The new shoe has a slightly different silhouette than the NikeGALAXIE 3, which was released last year.

The GALMAX, also released in 2015, was also a shoe without the golf motif.

It also retails at $250.

The Golf-inspired shoe is a better example of Nike’s “golf-inspired” product line, according to Golf Digest.

This will help to give golfers a more consistent shoe experience, said Mike Phelan, Nike’s global product marketing director for golf.

In addition to the Golf GALX 3, Nike is also launching the GALXX and GALXL shoes, which are also called GALF and GALT.

The new GALEX, priced at $245, has the same shoe design as the GALT shoe, but is also a slightly lower price point.

The Adidas Ultra Boost is also on the way, as is the new Nike GATL, which will retail for $300.

The shoe will be available in a variety of colors and materials.

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