McLaren’s ‘super car’ may be the best in F1

The McLaren MP4-12C, powered by an all-new, all-electric hybrid system, may be McLaren’s best car of the year.

That title has been bestowed upon it by many over the years, including by many who haven’t been able to put it in the same class as the best cars in F3, IndyCar, and Le Mans.

The latest to take the crown is McLaren’s supercar.

The car, which has been officially revealed by McLaren’s chief engineer, Phil Beard, and director of aerodynamics, Chris Green, is a three-seater.

While it has the usual F1 spec components, it’s built around an electric motor and a pair of batteries.

It is also powered by a hybrid system that employs an electric-only engine, which is charged through the battery pack while the engine is running.

This allows for a 0.7-second reduction in speed for the hybrid, which allows the car to accelerate faster than a traditional car, as well as a 0-100km/h (in) time of just 4.3 seconds.

Its power is fed by a pair the MP4s electric motors, the first of which is driven by the front wheels.

From there, the power is split between the two front wheels via a single regenerative braking system.

Green explained that the MP5C, which won the 2014 F1 season, has an electric powertrain, but that the McLaren MP6C, the team’s first-ever all-electrics car, will be a hybrid, as will the McLaren 570S, which went on to win this year’s season opener.

According to the team, the MP6Cs electric motors have a range of over 700 kilometers, while the 570S is expected to have a maximum range of 500 kilometers, though its maximum speed will not be known until the car’s performance is measured.

As for the car itself, McLaren says the MP1C is a supercar that is a lot more than just a super car.

“It is not just a car for a Formula 1 team.

It is a vehicle that combines the best of Formula 1 and F1, and that’s something we know is possible, and we know will happen,” said Beard.

McLaren’s super car is the latest to win the title, joining last year’s winner, the McLaren 650S, and the McLaren P1, which took the title in 2011.

F1 cars have a lot of things going for them, but they also have a few drawbacks.

First and foremost, Formula 1 is a race.

That means that teams and drivers have to put in an incredible amount of effort to keep up.

It also means that the cars they drive can get away with certain things that the F1 cars can’t.

And that’s one of the things that makes them so exciting.

But even with all that said, McLaren isn’t the only F1 team that’s been putting a lot into its supercar program.

Mercedes has also been doing a lot with its supercars, and has managed to keep the sport’s top drivers happy.

In 2015, the Mercedes-AMG GT E63 AMG has won a number of championships, and this year it’s the fastest car in F2.

Mercedes is currently building a super-fast supercar, the DTM, for its future car, the V8 Supercars.

So, even if McLaren’s MP1S is the most exciting thing about the F3 championship, the car isn’t quite the most important thing.

But McLaren is trying to show that it is a serious competitor, and it is.

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