Kentucky sports radio cuts ties with DJ KJ Simmons

A sports radio station in Kentucky has cut ties with its host DJ KJR Simmons.

Simmons has been a frequent guest on

The station is owned by SportsRadio Kentucky, which owns KYS Sports Radio in Lexington.

KYS is a local station in the Louisville area.

Simmons told KYS he will not be back on KYSportsRadio.

The news comes as is reporting that KYSSportsRadio has terminated its contract with DJKJ Simmons. will continue to carry the KYSports radio broadcast on its website.

In an interview with The Courier-Journal, KYSports Radio executive producer Chris Johnson said the station will continue on its own without Simmons.

“DJKJ’s departure leaves the KYS team in a tough position, but that doesn’t mean the station isn’t there for KYS fans to get all of the sports news they need,” Johnson said.

“We’re excited about the future with KYS sports, and we’re happy to continue with the KY Sports radio program.”

Johnson said he is looking for a new host to fill the role.

KYsportsradio’s news story about the termination reads, “The Kentucky Sports Radio team at KYS was made aware on Wednesday of a potential termination of DJ KJB Simmons and has reached out to the station to determine the best option to maintain KYS radio and broadcast its content.

The KY Sports Radio broadcast team has not yet determined what will happen next.

We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to bring DJKJB back and provide KYSports with some much-needed content for our fans.”

KYSports also reported that Simmons has no plans to return to the KY sports radio program.

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