How to watch the Super Bowl on the SuperCell on Google Play

The Google Play store is set to offer a special edition of the popular Google TV app, which will allow users to stream the 2017 Super Bowl live on the Google TV device.

The app was announced by Google last year and is available to download on Google devices, but Google has yet to roll it out on the Play Store.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Google Play product manager Jason Denton explained that the SuperCells HD version of the app will allow the Google-owned video streaming service to offer access to the game live on devices running Android devices.

Google says the Google Play service will enable “unlimited, local streaming of the SuperBowl on Google TV.”

The SuperCords HD app will also allow users in the U.S. to stream live from the stadium, as well as other parts of the country.

The company says the service is available for download on Android devices, iOS devices, and Windows 10 devices.

Google has not yet announced the Super Cords HD version, but it is likely the company is targeting the streaming service for Android users who have a Nexus device.

Google’s service will be available in select cities across the U-S.

and Canada, and will be powered by Google’s own Google Home smart speaker.

It will also offer Google Play Music streaming and an additional feature that will allow viewers to record their Super Bowl highlights with Google Hangouts.

Users will be able to watch SuperBids on the new SuperCord, which is designed to offer “enhanced features like the ability to record and share gameplay, and access the entire game, live from any of your devices.”

The Google TV HD service will not be available to consumers.

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