How to watch a basketball game online from a computer without using a cable box

A sports movie will play on a computer in about an hour, even though you might have to take out your remote control and hold it for that long, according to a new study.

The findings by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, who worked with researchers at Duke University, suggest that streaming sports movies on a smartphone or tablet using a dedicated cable box could be an effective way to watch video games without having to connect to a home network.

The study used an app called The AppBox to allow users to stream a movie from their smartphone or tablets to a computer.

The app, which also allows for downloading and streaming movies and TV shows to smartphones, is currently available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

“The AppBox was built specifically for streaming sports content.

It provides the flexibility to stream sports movies and other entertainment content to a mobile device while maintaining the ease and convenience of connecting to the home network,” said lead researcher Shilpa Sheth, a postdoctoral research fellow in Penn’s department of physics.

The app was designed to work with apps like Plex, which allows people to watch movies on mobile devices and Roku, which provides access to TV shows and movies on the Internet.

But Sheth and his colleagues say they found that users of the app could stream video games online without connecting to a cable provider.

“With The Appbox, we’ve taken the technology and the apps and we’ve made them a little bit easier to use,” Sheth said.

“We found that a lot of the users who we asked to participate were willing to do it on their own time, and that’s really the important part.

They could just use their phone, their tablet, or whatever they’re doing, and go ahead and go and play a game, as long as it’s a game that has a video component.”

The study was published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

It was funded by the National Science Foundation.

About this projectNCSA: Penn StateA major breakthrough in the science of human behavior, NCSA is the first-ever study of how people perceive and act in the real world.

Through a unique combination of scientific, cultural and social experiments, the team seeks to understand how people act in real life.

NCSA scientists investigate the ways in which our minds can influence our behavior.

They are committed to building and advancing scientific knowledge and understanding in this critical area.

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