How to keep the sun out of your eyes, with the latest in tech

Sports fans everywhere can now enjoy the sun without worrying about the pollution caused by football.

Sports fans can now get the sun in their eyes, thanks to a new patent application from Australian company, Fenox.

The technology has been licensed to a number of other sports and leisure applications, including tennis, surfing, rugby and cycling.

In the patent, the company claims that its patented device is “a transparent photofunction device” that allows “sports fans to look into the sun and see the sun reflected off of the sky”.

“As a result of the lens-free, photofloor design, the sun is invisible to the naked eye,” the patent reads.

The device can be used to create an “sun-blocking” effect, for example, when you look at a sunblock.

The patent also outlines a process of “refraction” to make it “visible” to the human eye.

“This process will result in the object being refracted to a certain wavelength,” the application says.

The device works by “reflecting” the sun with light.

The technology is not just for sporting events.

The patent suggests it can also be used “to reduce glare and improve the viewing experience of other types of lighting, such as natural light”.

“The refractive optical system allows for the display of images of the natural world to be viewed in an attractive manner,” the company writes.

“By allowing the object to reflect light, the display can be easily and efficiently rendered to an acceptable level of brightness.

The invention is still in the development stage, and it is currently being tested on humans.

Development Is Supported By

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