When Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani dies, what comes next for the country?

By Tom AshfordAl Jazeera English – In what could be the final move of his reign, Emir Tamim Al Thannad Al Sabah will have to step down on April 6, 2019, according to his eldest son, Hamad, who said on Tuesday he had decided to make a surprise announcement to the world to “honour the memory of the beloved father”.

Speaking from a remote location in the eastern province of Al-Waer, Hamid, the first Emir of Qatar, said he had already called his father to inform him of his decision, which he would make after consulting with his son.

Hamad said the decision to retire would come after discussions with his father over the past week, but would not be officially announced until later.

“I want to make it clear to the public that I will not make this announcement publicly because I want to honour the memory and honour the legacy of the late Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thanani,” Hamad told Al Jazeera.

Hamid said his father had already been in touch with the Saudi royal family, and they were ready to accept his resignation.

“They have been very kind, and I hope they will accept this decision,” Hamid said.

“We are in a position where our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, they all have their futures, their future, in Qatar, and the future is good.”

Hamad’s eldest son said he was confident he could manage the transition as the family, which has a total of six members, does not want to leave the region, and that it was the right thing to do.

“The whole family is united behind me, and it’s a good decision, and a big decision,” said Hamad.

“There is no one who will replace the Emir, and he is not the heir of the throne, but this decision is for the family.”

Hamid was elected Emir of the UAE in March, with the support of the US and Saudi Arabia.

The UAE has become a major player in the Middle East, with its wealth and oil reserves fuelling global economic growth.

The emirate has also played a pivotal role in regional security, supporting the coalition fighting the Islamic State group (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq, and in stabilising neighbouring Bahrain.

“My father was very much involved in the Arab world, but he was a very different person to the other emirs,” Hamade said.

“He was a fighter, and very important, and you can see this in his leadership.”

He was the first to get involved in political and economic affairs, and this is what he did in the region.

“Hamader, a prominent figure in Qatar’s government, was a key figure in the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the 1980s.

He served as Iran’s foreign minister between 1990 and 1991, and has since been involved in key issues including Syria.

He is also a former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamist organisation that was banned in the UAE.

Hamade said his dad had “been very much interested in the international community, and was an avid supporter of the Arab and Islamic world”.”

He had very good ideas, and also a very big heart.

And he was the one who had the power to change the region.

He was very interested in world affairs, so I think the people will welcome his decision,” he said.

And we are ready to cooperate in many fields, because I am a supporter of this movement of the world, and so we will have our own dialogue, but we will not be able to do anything that would jeopardise our friendship with the Emir,” Hamadi added.”

We will have a very close relationship with them, because we share the same values and values and the same interests,” he added.

“And we are ready to cooperate in many fields, because I am a supporter of this movement of the world, and so we will have our own dialogue, but we will not be able to do anything that would jeopardise our friendship with the Emir,” Hamadi added.

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