Starbucks unveils its new line of sports drinks

Starbucks has unveiled a new line called “Barstool Sports” for its new Sports bar at the Chicago Cubs stadium.

The bar includes sports drinks, frozen yogurt, and coffee.

Starbucks is calling it “the new Starbucks bar.”

It will be available at Target locations and at select Starbucks outlets.

Read more Starbucks announced Tuesday that it will open its first sports bar in Chicago, the Cubs stadium in downtown Chicago.

The company is opening a bar in the parking lot of Target, where the Cubs play.

The team will also be using the bar to sell merchandise and merchandise accessories.

The bar will offer a range of drinks including frozen yogurt with espresso shots and espresso shots with ice.

The drinks will be made with ice, but it won’t include water, which is part of Starbucks’ regular menu.

The bar also includes sports apparel, including jerseys, hats and caps.

Barstools and sports drinks will also go on sale for $2.99, and customers will be able to customize their drink with colors, names and logos.

Customers who purchase one of the new drinks can choose from an assortment of options including frozen or fresh.

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