NBA and ESPN cancel ‘Game of Thrones’ event after show

On Monday, the NBA and the ESPN broadcast network announced they had canceled “Game of Throne” after a night of “Game” and “Game Night.”

The two networks also canceled “NBA Countdown” on Monday night and “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday night.

In the evening, “Game Of Thrones” host Peter Dinklage was suspended for a month after tweeting that “Game.”

The announcement came as a surprise to many.

“Game’s” star, Maisie Williams, tweeted that she was “disappointed” with the cancellation, but did not offer a reason for the decision.

“I don’t know.

It’s just unfortunate,” Williams said on “Good Morning America.”

“We don’t have a reason to pull it.

But it’s not something that we felt was going to affect the quality of the show.”

Williams is a frequent critic of HBO’s “Game,” which is set to be cancelled this season after six seasons.

She and Dinknage have previously been critical of the cable network for its lack of creative direction in recent years.