How to save time on your Wii Sports game

Nintendo has introduced a new feature in its new Wii Sports games.

Now, every time you load up your game, the Wii Sports logo appears on screen and you can use the “Save Time” button to skip ahead to the next action.

The Wii Sports app is a free download from the Nintendo eShop, and you’ll need to be signed in to play it.

Nintendo has also made it easier to find the game you want, thanks to a new menu icon on the home screen.

You can use this to quickly navigate between the various games in the app, and there are also some quick shortcuts in the menu.

There’s also a new widget to show you when a new game is available.

This is not the first time Nintendo has used the Wii Sport icon to add a bit of flair to its app.

For example, in the Wii Fit app, the “Wii Sports icon” appears on the homescreen and you swipe up to bring up the main menu, then tap the “Next” button.

With the Wii Motion Plus app, you can also tap the icon to switch between motion modes, which can be useful when you want to see how your Wii’s sensor compares to a PlayStation 4.

If you are new to the Wii, the app has also got a bunch of handy tricks up its sleeve, including a list of games and events, a “Get Your Points” option, a list that shows you what a certain Wii Sports trophy is worth, and the ability to customize your profile.

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