How to fix ESPN’s Twitter feud

The feud between ESPN and the popular social network Twitter is escalating as the two companies seek to make the most of the network’s new-found power and reach.

A series of tweets by ESPN and Twitter have become increasingly combative in recent weeks, with the network accusing the social media network of manipulating its ratings and attacking Twitter for its handling of the feud.

On Friday, ESPN took aim at Twitter’s new Twitter-based “satellite” feature, accusing it of misleading consumers about its network ratings and threatening to take its own people offline.

Twitter countered that ESPN is the most valuable content provider to the network, and said that its content is worth more than the $3.4 billion it has spent on ads on ESPN alone.ESPN’s new “satellites” feature allows users to check in on their favorite teams, athletes and the sports they follow.

The network is offering the feature on a free trial basis, but is requiring that subscribers also pay $5 per month to access the service.

The feud between the two networks has reached a fever pitch.

On Monday, ESPN tweeted a photo of itself with a poster named “Sydney S.M.C.,” a reference to a popular Twitter account with the same name, and asked users to vote on whether to remove it from the network.

On Wednesday, ESPN’s “SportsCenter” program ran a story about the feud, saying the network was “trying to bully” Twitter into removing “somewhat of a friendly, neutral site.”

On Friday afternoon, ESPN launched its own Twitter account, “@ESPNsSportsCenter.”

In a series of short tweets, the network asked people to take down the account or report it to Twitter, accusing the company of misleading users and threatening Twitter with legal action.

Twitter’s response was quick: “We do not encourage hate speech.

This is a personal attack and should not be reported.”

Twitter has said it will be investigating the complaints, and ESPN said that it is looking into the matter.”ESPNs Twitter account is not an official ESPN account,” the company said in a statement.

“The network and the team have been communicating about the issue, and we look forward to working together to resolve it.”

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