How to beat the Irish Football Championship (IFF) to win the 2017/18 title

In the race to win a second title in three years, the Irish footballing community is determined to hold on to its crown.

The International Champions Cup will be played on the same weekend as the European Champions Cup, which is set to kick off on March 13 and run through to May 6.

The competition has attracted some controversy in the past as a result of the inclusion of the Welsh capital Cardiff and the Scottish capital Edinburgh in its draw.

While there are some concerns around the scheduling, the International Champions Cups have always been an annual event.

The winner of the IFCB will then face each of the eight participating nations in the 2019/20 World Cup, with the winner advancing to the 2018/19 World Cup.

The IFC is also a huge fixture in Irish football history.

The event was originally held in 1886 and has seen it be the largest, most prestigious event in the Irish sports calendar.

There are two other Irish competitions on offer, the EFL Cup and the EFA Championship.