How to avoid the dreaded dick-in-the-mouth gag in sports

What do you do when you get a dick in your mouth?

You probably have a few options.


Just stop doing it.

Just say no. 2.

You might as well just go with the flow.

The more time you spend with your mouth full, the less likely you are to get it stuck in your throat.


Don’t even think about it.

You’re probably just going to get pissed off and want to say something.





That’s not a good idea.

That would just be rude.

And if it was, there’s a good chance you’re not going to like the result.


Just give up and take your pick.

No, seriously, don’t even try to do that.

There’s no way around it.

Here are 10 ways to avoid dick-tossing in sports.

1 .

Do what the coach tells you to do.

If you’re on a team with a player who is good at dick-wrestling, make sure he’s in the locker room.

This means you can yell at him, tell him to keep it down, or just tell him you’re going to take his shirt off.

2 .

Don’t let the dick get too close.

Just let it go.

When it’s over, you’re free to leave.

3 .

Use your tongue.

There is a rule about how close your tongue should be when you’re talking to a teammate.

If it’s more than 1/4 inch away, it’s too close for comfort.

4 .

Don.t. give him any lip.

The dick is a great motivator, so try not to give it too much lip.

If your lips are all the way down, it will just make the dick come out more.

5 .

Don”t go overboard.

The goal is to keep your lips close and to avoid swallowing your tongue whole.

Don” t want to get a big nose on you, either.

6 .

Don”t be afraid to ask for directions.

When you’re playing, there are always some distractions.

Don” t want that to happen.

And don”t ask questions that are obvious, like “where do I go?”

If you ask for a specific direction, your teammates will get excited and you’ll be more likely to stick to it. 7 .

Get your team to stop talking about your dick.

That”s the first thing they need to know when they are talking to you.

If they are just talking about the game or the player”s teammates, just say, “Sorry, I”m not looking at your dick right now.”

8 .

Use a condom.

Don””t worry about condoms.

You can always use the other ones.

9 .

Don”” t ask for it.

As soon as you”re done talking to your teammates, go back to the lockerroom.

The best way to avoid getting your dick stuck in their throat is to just ignore them and focus on the game.

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