How to avoid getting too big for your britches

I’ve been reading all sorts of stories about the NFL’s obsession with the next-big-thing in sports, and I think they’re a bit overblown.

I think the real question is whether it’s really a necessary obsession.

We’ve gone from the NFL making it so expensive to buy a new car to a sport that wants to keep everyone in shape, and now it wants to make it so hard to buy anything.

The NFL is already in a position of strength in this area, as it’s got a billion-dollar contract with Nike, which will pay its players $1 million a year.

But the NFL is going to have to take a few hits to make that a reality.

In the meantime, we’ve got to take it on the chin.

The National Football League’s biggest asset is its massive fan base.

When the league expanded in 1994, the most important part of its business model was its huge, loyal fan base, which helped it generate a ton of revenue and cover the costs of stadium construction.

As the league’s revenues began to dwindle in the mid-2000s, the NFL decided to start focusing on building more seats.

The expansion of the league also allowed the league to make more money, which meant it could spend more on player salaries and other perks.

The big problem is that the league is already so expensive that the cost of building a stadium and building the team is so high that the players aren’t getting paid enough to support their families.

So the NFL has made it hard for fans to buy tickets, and the NFL wants to fix that problem.

The league will likely keep making big deals like this, but at the same time it’s also trying to make a big splash in its own direction by adding new, bigger-market teams in the form of the Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco 49ers.

But those teams will have to pay their players a lot more money in order to keep them in the NFL.

It’s not like the NFL doesn’t want to make big money.

The New York Giants are already the league-leading team in terms of revenue, but it’s hard to imagine the league going into another stadium in a state like Wisconsin, where there’s already a $20 million-plus team.

The Vikings have a billion dollars in their contract with Adidas and will pay a whopping $1.5 million a season to the players.

But there are so many other teams in Wisconsin, and so many more teams in other parts of the country that the NFL isn’t going to be able to compete with any of them.

There are plenty of other reasons why the NFL needs to build a stadium that’s a little smaller than the one it currently has.

The Packers are one of the few teams that actually makes sense, since they’re only $200 million over the cap.

If the league can’t build a new stadium in Milwaukee, the Packers will have a new home in New Orleans.

But if they’re not in Wisconsin anymore, they’ll be moving to New England.

The Falcons are one team that would be a good fit for the NFL, since it has a stadium in Atlanta that’s already built.

And the Panthers are another team that could have a very good future in Charlotte, even if it has to move there.

But they’re also a team that doesn’t have a great future in Minnesota, either.

The Patriots have been building stadiums in New England for years, but they’re just too expensive.

The team will have an option to buy out its contract with the team owner, but the new owners are probably going to give the team a huge subsidy to keep the team in New York.

The Browns are another franchise that’s been building a new building in Cleveland for a long time, but now it’s going to need to be replaced by a new team.

And so on.

The most interesting teams are the ones that have built stadiums and then moved them.

And that’s where the problem lies.

The first problem is what the NFL should be doing.

The other teams that have had to move have paid huge sums for new stadiums and expensive facilities.

The Dolphins have already spent more than $200 billion to build stadiums in Miami and New Orleans, and they’re planning to spend more in a couple of years.

The Raiders have a $200-million stadium in Las Vegas that’s now being built on top of the existing one.

But with the cost per seat going up from $60 to $80, that new stadium is not going to pay for itself in the long run.

Instead, it’s costing the team billions of dollars a year to pay the salaries of the players and staff.

In order to attract and retain fans, the teams will need to spend millions of dollars building more stadiums and putting more fans in seats.

And when that happens, the team will get rich.

This isn’t to say that the Bills and Jets are going to make money on a new

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